Group in Times Square

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Worship with our family … saying good-bye to them …

New York City!!!



Kellee’s Final Post

What an amazing trip.  I am so glad that I was able to be a part of this past week.  The people at Newborn Wesleyan Church were some of the most generous, giving, sweet people I have ever met.  There was rarely a day when they didn’t surprise us with some kind of treat, plantains, freezie pops on a hot day, or even just nice cold water bottles.  Our week of VBS was one I think we will all remember for a very long time.  Some of the children touched a very deep place in our hearts.  The girls loved playing with our hair, painting our nails (we bought the nail polish to do their nails, the next day they did ours!) and just hanging out with us.  The boys were active, but I found two little boys that just craved the hugs that I gladly gave them.  The Worship Service on Sunday was like none I have ever been to!  Those people love to sing…loud!  We talked to one of the men of the church after the service and asked him if there were any new people this week because of the VBS.  He said he figured there were about 20 extra people that are not a part of the church.  That’s a pretty big number for a church of just under 100.  Another of our highlights was the teenage boys who hung around most of the week then showed up for the Sunday School hour on Sunday.  They got scared off before the worship service, but we were so glad they made that first step.  Mark got two of the boys email addresses and one of them has already communicated with him.  Pray that he will continue to have an impact on those boys lives.  Many of us took addresses of the children.  My prayer is to continue to show those children the love of Christ even if just through our letters.  Many of them will face difficult lives in the city, hopefully they will overcome. As we left there were many tears and hopes for a chance to meet again some day.  Thank you again for all of your prayers, I hope that you will continue to pray for Newborn Wesleyan Church and the children that we were able to minister to this week.

Kellee Ruhl

Steve Arnold-isms

This post is not written by Steve Arnold, but by the group about Steve Arnold.  He is our prime motivator … taking a few minutes each morning to get our blood pumping and the Spirit flowing!  Here are just a few things he has inspired us with:

  • If you take the letters in the word “attitude” and assign them a number (such as a=1, t=20, and so on) … they will add up to 100%!
  • You can’t spell “Jesus” without U.
  • You can’t spell “Wesleyan” without WE.
  • We’re in NewARK, the ark was in the Old Testament, so get out there and give them some Old Testament.
  • Now get out there and give ’em heaven
  • And the “Golden Plaintain” award goes to …

Mission Team … feel free to add more through the comments …