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Welcome to SHInE 2009

Welcome to our blog as our youth group goes to Newark, NJ to work with New Born Wesleyan Church (a church comprised mainly of legal immigrants from the Caribbean nation of Haiti).  SHInE is what we call our missions trip and it stands for Serve Him In Everything.  We will be immersing ourselves in their culture for a week and serving them in many ways:

Spiritually — during our time, we will be hosting a Vacation Bible School for the children of the community.  Our VBS program is based on the last week of Jesus’ life; an excellent theme to share the Good News of the new life that we have in Christ.

Physically — at the close of each day at VBS, we will be providing a good meal for the kids.  This is simply an added service; a way of us showing that we care about real needs and felt needs.

In the Community — our VBS program runs only in the mornings.  During the afternoons, we’ll be an influence in the surrounding community by helping out with projects at people’s homes.  Painting, repairing porches, raking … you name it!  We want to help New Born Wesleyan Church to be known as a church that makes a difference in its community

Please be praying for us as we go, July 11-19.  Immersing one’s self in another culture is difficult even when you don’t leave the country.  Pray that we would be used of God to share the Gospel.  Pray for our safety.

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