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Missions Trip

Hello everyone. I’m having a great time here. Too bad all of you aren’t here to share the experience. See you guys in a couple of days.


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Day 3 i think

Still sucking on a paintball pop while typing.  Just chillin in the sanctuary also how to spell it HAHA!  Today was ok, the last part of the day was the best having good laughs with another youth group.  Junior no surprise wanted a granola bar and pizza.  My back still hurts from 2 weeks ago.  The A/C feels great, only if outside was too.  Still adjusting to the GREAT hopitality.

Wish more of guys were here.  We need to work on ur guyzes inglish.

With hope and love,

Eric (the person with the bad back.)

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Today was the first day of VBS.  It was interesting to learn the different (and what we would call unusual) names of the neighborhood children.  So far, my favorite name is “Aljihmore”.  In other news, we had a joint youth KELLEE group with the Newborn Wesleyan Church Youth Group.  We sang a wide selection of songs.  All the guys stay up late discussing the dreams we think we’re going to have and playing Euchre and Egyptian Rat War and Chess using playing cards and floor tiles.  I also have strange dreams after eating too many baja margarita jelly beans, but that’s another story.  So all in all, no one has snapped and we are all (mostly) getting along.  Finally, I would like to say “hi” to everyone back in New York.  I would like to, but I can’t because I’m in Newark.  So I’ll type it.  HI EVERYONE!!!  See y’all in a week!!

                                                                                                                    -David Tharnish

P.S.  I MISS YOU AMELIA!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!1

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Monday, Evening Update!!!

VBS Day One- Sunny and hot. We started very slowly. One Child at 9 am but by 12 (lunch we totaled 23 kids).

At first there was reluctancy to trust the white people, but by the end color made no difference, we were one big family. All playing in the side yard like we were friends forever. Last week I did so much running around geting this and that for whoever needed something. Today, I sat and watched. The team ran VBS w/o me and they did such a super job. Parents, your children served God today and He smiled down upon us.

One story from Sunday: Lou was greeting the little children and one commented to her that she was afraid to come to to church with all the white people. Today there was no color, only one God. HE is aewsome!!!


We spent the afternoon painting the sanctuary, cleaning the back yard (jungle and junk (15 large black bags full), creating a shower in the basement, clipped hedges, pulling staples from a wood floor that recently had the carpet removed.

Now at 7:30 pm we are worshipping with the New Born teens. They were shouting out requests faster then our teens were.We plan on going swimming with them on Wed. night. Teens are teens are teens, no matter who or where they live. And we love them for it.

Humbly submitted by Sister (Marie) Mary Selden

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Day 2 of our Devotional

Monday, July 13 Devotional

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