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Today we were able to have some real fun and enjoy the pool of one of the members of the church here. It was great to see OPWC getting together the way that they are. We all seem to be getting along well and finding things to do. I find it really neat that we are having as much fun as we are without a TV, computers or other everyday toys that we are able to get used to in western New York. We seem to get along with each other, some music, David, and some games.

The children coming to VBS have shown that they are children just like any others that we may deal with and that they really enjoy the same things. It is crazy that the kids here drink as much as they do.

I finished a shower in the basement and had some great help from several of our youth, Eric helped me through the whole process and made sure that I had what I needed. He really surprised me with his willingness to help. He helped me see what this whole trip is all about. There are many projects here that I could be doing and many that I want to do before I leave, pray that we will finish our projects and help the VBS kids see Jesus through OPWC.

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Pictures from July 15

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Hello World.  This is David Tharnish speaking.  You may wonder why I inserted a random “KELLEE” into my last post.  She said I could, so I did.  It’s pretty much the same old stuff here at Newborn Wesleyan Church.  Today, we went swimming at one of the congregation member’s house.  We had hamburgers and Fruit Rollups and Pepsi/Coke for dinner.  Only 2 more days of VBS left.  A lot of our (namely, a select few of the Junior Highers) time playing Mafia, in which I am usually the storyteller.  I would like to say most people enjoy my stories, but again, only a select few do.  Haven’t played Euchre in a while, but my strategic mind is still pumping with card-a-daisical adrenaline.  I miss all of my OPWC friends back home (which includes adults) and am happy that we will see each other in a few more days.  I can see that the kids coming to VBS are really enjoing it.  Seeing as my tribe grows by about two or three kids a day, they must be telling their friends about the great times they’re having.  That is about it for tonight.  I will enjoy the comments you post.  Good night.  (THE END).

                        -David Tharnish

P.S.  Junior still wants some granola bars and cookies.

P.P.S.  There is a slight correction to my last post.  I typed “AMELIA” but REALLY meant, “I MISS YOU KAYLYNN!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!111!!!!1”.

               -Bai y’all

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Video Post #1

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Halfway through

Hello Friends,

I have never blogged before. So this is my first time. The time we have been here it has begun to feel more like home, day by day. Today was the third day of VBS. I do the games. We were going to play Crabsoocer. But when we tried that with our first group, it took them like the whole time to get the ball and score. So with the second group we played bsketball.(We did not have a hoop so we taped a hoola-hoop to the wall.)When we started to play the kids would hit the rim and it would slowly pull the tape away from the wall. By the time we got to the last group the hoop was mostly dead. After all of the groups are done we have tribal time and then we sing the Bibletime Marketplace songs. After that we had lunch. The lunches today were tuna sandwiches and PBJ sandwiches.  After all of the kids left we went swimming at a person from the church’s house. We started out by making a wirlpool.Sooner or later every one started to get out of the pool. Then we had dinner. Then we started home. Today we had such a long day that we didn’t have a big meeting tonight. PRay read the blogs and all of the comments and it was good to here that all of you care about us. I will try to blog on friday, but for now, blog to you later.

P.S. Just so you know,(Abby and Amiela)Josh and i were the ones to get the mowhawks!

                                                                                                                                         Thanks for caring,

                                                                                                                                                  Ben Selden

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Well, we’re halfway through the week, and it feels like we live here. I loved how Pastor Frantz said during his service that, “you’re visitors once, and then you’re family.” Well, we definately feel like family now. Even though it feels like we’re the ones with the money and the supplies, so we should be more giving, but it is next to impossible to out-give these people. But some of the ways we’ve tried at giving back is painting the sanctuary, cleaning up the garbage and the jungle in the backyard (and the multitude of snakes), putting in a new isle carpet in the sanctuary, painting Pastor Frantz’s office, and putting in a new shower downstairs, with only two casualties so far. Just kidding. Sort of. We had lots of anti-venom. I can’t wait to see the pastor’s face when he sees everything come together (he’s not looking till it’s done). The older kids are great to talk to and love to participate even more than the little ones. A few of the girls have a crush on me, but I’m not surprised. Well, I hope that tells you everything you want to know. I blog again soon. Until then, stay safe and God bless.

In His name,

Jordan Bischof

P.S. write your comments in all capital letters because PRay yells when something is capitalized.

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Pictures from July 14

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Picture of Closet

Below is the picture of the aforementioned closet that Mary Selden spoke of …

2009 Newark 920

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Wednesday, July 15 Devotional

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