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Hey Hey Hey

Hi, taking a break between projects and got in line to blog.  Today was a little different with VBS, with fewer kids arriving, so we were going to start with one big tribe, then the church van pulled up so we had a few more.  We got to spend more one on one time with the kids, which was great, and we are getting so attached, we’re trying not to think about leaving.  A few of the little girls always come to hold my hand during the singing and I’ve enjoyed spending time with the older teens who come to watch the younger kids.  They really have nowhere to be, so it’s nice they can hang with us.  They enjoy the crafts and we got some extra stuff to do after, as it seems they just want to hang around afterward.  Today was a major hair braiding and nail polish party.  I think almost all of us got our nails done, some in multiple colors.  When they left it was time to get to work and try to finish the projects we’ve started and not look for anymore to do.  It’s really hard to know where to draw the line, but we want to finish what we can.  Painting was finished today and Shawn, the handiest handyman and plumber extraordinaire, fixed another shower.  The one in the girls’ room was running for days and we had to turn the hot water off in the house at night to avoid wasting gallons of water.  Tomorrow is load in day, hanging curtains and pictures in the sanctuary and putting it all back together.  Can’t wait to see the finished product!  This project was kind of my baby, once Pastor found out I am a decorator, he consulted me on everything and had many ideas.  The running joke has been that I had to go along to HoDe to pick a paint color and we came home with beige.  Well, Natural Linen to be exact, but you get the idea.  So I thought my chance to make an impact was in the choice of curtains, but God had other ideas.  Once we decided to do the curtains, I had prayed there would be enough of something to do the entire room and when we went to get them, the only thing there was enough of was a light tan.  Yeah, beige again.  But it was still a miracle that they had 16 pairs of anything in the same color.   

I’ve also enjoyed speaking French with many of the people.  I have been reminded a lot of how it was in Nigeria, which is weird, since we are still in the US.  One of the ladies has cooked plaintains for us a few times and they are delicious.  I made the mistake of mentioning how we ate them in Africa with a bottle of Malta soda and next day, her husband showed up with a whole case of it!!

One last item of note, Sister Rose is the resident queen of the kitchen, comes to cook for whatever church people are here and today she made chicken feet with rice.  Several people tried it, but I wanted to make sure there was enough to go around so I declined.

Sorry to go on so long, I guess I’ve used my turn up for the rest of the trip.  Here’s a shout out to Bob, Jeff, Sarah and Michael and all the folks at home.  Love you guys and would probably miss you if we weren’t having such a good time.  See you soon!

Love you!

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Day 6 in Newark

Hey it is Ben here.

I know that i blogged last night but i have nothing to do right now. This morning i didn’t get much sleep. Today is the fourth day of VBS. The skit today consisted of Leah and David and Mr. Arnold. We thought they must of heard that Mr. Arnold was in the skit, so they tried to skip the skit. In the end, mostly everyone was there for the skit. Today for lunch was either cheese sandwich or PBJ. I decided to skip lunch.This afternoon we played Mafia. Mostly every time we played I was the first one to be killed by the mafia. When it started to get darker, and Eric and I were killed, we got up and started catching fireflies. We caught eight. Right now the people that will be sing songs in the other language are just finishing up. It is now time for me to log off.

Blog To You Later

Ben Selden

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hey guys back home,

VBS went good today. almost got my hair pulled out by one of the girls in our “salon”. we had an AMAZING pillow fight a couple nights ago. Me and Samara snuck up on Julie and Mary when they were on the staircase. We are getting used to the small spaces. The boys are getting annoyed at Mr. Arnolds wake up calls in the morning. Shaun fixed the girls’ shower today. This missions trip has been a great experience for me. Sharing God’s love with the kids is a joy. A lady from across the street is doing some of the girls’ hair with a lot of braids. Shaun is making up a new list of what people want in the million dollar song. In two days we will be in NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited to see how many kids will accept Jesus as their Saviour tomorrow. The kids in my tribe are awesome. I am defiantly going to miss them. Right now, I am going to practice a song in Creole that we are going to sing on Sunday. Hope it goes well and I miss all you guys back at home!!!!!! See you on Sunday.

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I don’t even know where to begin, there are so many wonderful things taking place on this missions trip, there’s just too many to summarize the experiences we’re having…everyone here has been so incredible with the VBS children and the work to be done afterwards – you would all be so proud of your children here in Newark; I know that I am!  The memories we are making will last a lifetime for us and hopefully for the Newark kids as well!  I will never forget this trip or the friendships I have made.

Kelly Canaski

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Mary here again. So, our time here in Newark is coming to an end sadly, but I am glad that the times us as the youth group has had are going to last for a long time. Today the showers were cold, but I won’t complain any longer. Being a former military kid, it doesn’t matter the temperature of the shower, but how fast you were. So, I just did that. Registration was not as bad today, but still a little bit outof control. I find that it was adorable yet aggravating that when we made new name tags for the kids, one minute later they would rip them. So, we had to keep fixing this one kid’s name tag about three times. Hehe. -_- Lunch went great today. But again, I find that I am the one who always gets jelly on my hands when making sandwhiches. Later on in the day all the girls from VBS were giving us all makeovers. Well, not the boys for that matter. Except for Eric and Josh. Today Jenifer did my hair, she is such a sweetheart. Also, I must say, Jordan, I found it hysterical and somewhat femenine that you were painting Chloe’s nails and toenails. But it’s pretty cool that you did that. Juli and I had some of the most amazing rice today. It was soooooooo delicious. We also tried chicken feet for the frist time!! They were REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY GOOD!!!!! So after we did that we started on Pastor Franz’s bookcase for his office.We SUCCED after rearanging the screws/pieces about 5 times. Over all we had a great day!!!!! Hope you all are doing well at home, thank you for your prays. God blesss….love you all!!

Juli here-

WELLLLL mary really did cover it all because we are together alllll the time, except when were going to the bathroon <lol> But last night was fun, I met a Little boy named Caryl. He’s so cute, he can speak french. He taught me how to say Goldfish but im pretty bad at speaking french.  We were gofish and war because they’re the easiest games to play. And I love love love the food the ladys make in the kitchen its SOOO GOOOD!!! Im gonna try and get the recipes for the food they have been making before we leave. Right now marys getting her hair  done, the n i am i cant wait!!!! its gonna be great….i got it done earlier by the little girls shelcy and her little sister. There such sweetysss! i made lucnh again today like everyday so far and its been fun…but im leaving for now….BTYL

P.s. Mom tell Janie I say hi and storm of course………(Sigh) hi dad 😛

P.S.S. Me and Mary made Plastic dresses that were amazing!!!!!!!!!!

We do got pictures!!

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Day 6 in Newark

We had another great day at VBS. Over at the carpentry shop we received a couple kids who were very excited about making stuff. The kids did a very good job with their craft. This missions trip has been very interesting and something very cool. Many of the kids have opened up to us and seem very excited to see us every morning. Its really good to see these kids opening up and talking to us. Last night while we were relaxing before bed some of us went outside and sang songs while Shaun played the guitar. It was neat to just relax with friends. But before we did that yesterday afternoon we went to a pool. Shaun got us started on a whirlpool which was a lot of fun to drift in. Then we ate hamburgers which were cooked by Mr. Arnold. And they were very tasty. All in all, this trip has been very fun and I miss you all and it’ll be fun to TALK about it when we get back.

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Prayer Requests

We thank you so much for holding us up in prayer!  It makes such a difference knowing that so many are praying.  Here are a few specifics if you are praying today.

*The weather looks a little iffy today (although just now I saw a glimpse of the sun). Please pray for no rain today.  The indoor quarters are very cramped and I can’t imagine 30 active kids indoors.

*Please pray for Mary’s (Selden) back.  She seems to be in quite a bit of pain this morning.

*The Selden truck isn’t back to normal even with repairs.  Please pray for someone to be able to get it in good working order.

*I (Mark) have 2 pretty active boys in my group (around 2nd graders).  Arnold is definitely more interested in visiting Mr. Arnold (who gives him cookies) in the basement, playing on steep concrete steps and doing flips on a metal handrail than doing the activities of VBS.  Please pray that I can make a connection with these 2 little ones and that I share the love of Jesus.  I don’t want to be the disciplinarian.  (Actually the elders of the church do a good job of speaking to him when he really acts up).  Please pray for some creativity in trying to hold their attention.  Yesterday they watched Rabbi Ray through the lens of my video camera.  It worked some! (Kind of like watching TV!)  Maybe I’ll put a handful of Steve’s cookies in my pockets for a little bribery today!  I told Steve that he was playing good cop/bad cop and that I got the short end of the stick on that one!  Arnold LOVES Steve!

Thank you for praying with us!


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