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Day ? IDK

Well I was wanting to blog yesterday but couldn’t (to buzy.)  If Kelly uploaded some pics of me eating the tasty chicken feet prepared by the lovely hospitalityof the church.  It has been such a long week with my “DAD” (Shaun Canaski) building the shower that no one has showered in!?  Yet again Junior is well being himself always complaining for pizza and granola bars.Yesterday we went to Junior’s house had pizza ,because of Junior and Junior gave us some entertainment.  If Josh uploaded the videos you can see what he did that was so funny.

Today Junior finally came to VBS and being himself he got a granola bar.  I still have no idea why he is so obsessed with food, well everyone loves food but Junior WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.    Finally but sadly VBS is over:(.We went swimming again and had many chicken fights.   Came back to some pizza.

Now I am in a bedroom watching Junior eat a pizza slice bigger than his head!  Nothing more to say.  Goodnite and tomarrow off to NYC!

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Day 3 i think

Still sucking on a paintball pop while typing.  Just chillin in the sanctuary also how to spell it HAHA!  Today was ok, the last part of the day was the best having good laughs with another youth group.  Junior no surprise wanted a granola bar and pizza.  My back still hurts from 2 weeks ago.  The A/C feels great, only if outside was too.  Still adjusting to the GREAT hopitality.

Wish more of guys were here.  We need to work on ur guyzes inglish.

With hope and love,

Eric (the person with the bad back.)

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