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Well, we’re halfway through the week, and it feels like we live here. I loved how Pastor Frantz said during his service that, “you’re visitors once, and then you’re family.” Well, we definately feel like family now. Even though it feels like we’re the ones with the money and the supplies, so we should be more giving, but it is next to impossible to out-give these people. But some of the ways we’ve tried at giving back is painting the sanctuary, cleaning up the garbage and the jungle in the backyard (and the multitude of snakes), putting in a new isle carpet in the sanctuary, painting Pastor Frantz’s office, and putting in a new shower downstairs, with only two casualties so far. Just kidding. Sort of. We had lots of anti-venom. I can’t wait to see the pastor’s face when he sees everything come together (he’s not looking till it’s done). The older kids are great to talk to and love to participate even more than the little ones. A few of the girls have a crush on me, but I’m not surprised. Well, I hope that tells you everything you want to know. I blog again soon. Until then, stay safe and God bless.

In His name,

Jordan Bischof

P.S. write your comments in all capital letters because PRay yells when something is capitalized.


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Day 1

Day 1 of my captivity. My only grasp at maintaining my sanity is this blog as my being is drained out of me by about twenty teens run wild. Well, we got here safely in four vehicles and after some organizing and rearranging of rooms, we are well established. The boys room together downstairs on the ground floor and the girls have their own room upstairs. There are two showers upstairs, one for each gender and so far, everyone seems to be getting along. Well, we’ll see if that continues through the end of the week. Today, the teens had much difficulty in getting up at seven o clock, but once we were up, we went downstairs in the basement kitchen to indulge in breakfast and chat. I believe there is a service in another language at eleven and one in english at three. I suppose I will just mouth along with the songs in the other language. Today is mostly for preparing for an extensive week of VBS (Vacation Bible School), which includes setting up shops on the outside lawns and serving breakfast and lunch to neighborhood children. Well, that’s it for today. Oh, wait, their is one more thing. There are two smoke detectors located in the church and they beep about every thirty seconds, I hope that we get new batteries for them today so that falling asleep will be easier. But batteries or no batteries, I don’t believe the beeping or the voices will stop in my head. And a man who works at the church call Shean my Dad, so we’re going to have fun with that. Thanks for reading, I’ll blog again soon telling about how the Lord has blessed us and them, I know we will be blessed because the people are very hospitable here.

In His name,


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