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Just a quick story…I really enjoyed watching Lou and Mary out by the gelato vender on our street yesterday.  After our group had gotten their treat and they were ready to pay for us all, some other people in the neighborhood came up to buy their own.  The ladies invited the neighborhood people to get a free treat on us.  You should have seen the look on the faces of the neighborhood kids and adults.  Mary and Lou sent them on their way with a simple, “God loves you” or “May God bless you”.   

One more….a local boy saw our group yesterday and broke off from his group of buddies and came inside the yard, wondering if he could get some lunch as well.  Mary had me take him into the basement and fix him a sandwich while he asked if he could have some fruit and water and slim jims and fruit roll ups for himself and his buddies.  Nice boy.  He probably was a hero to his buddies as he served them lunch as they walked away.  Hopefully they’ll remember the church that gave them some food!

Simple things, but hopefully seeds that were planted in Jesus’ name.

Pressing on!


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Prayer Requests

We thank you so much for holding us up in prayer!  It makes such a difference knowing that so many are praying.  Here are a few specifics if you are praying today.

*The weather looks a little iffy today (although just now I saw a glimpse of the sun). Please pray for no rain today.  The indoor quarters are very cramped and I can’t imagine 30 active kids indoors.

*Please pray for Mary’s (Selden) back.  She seems to be in quite a bit of pain this morning.

*The Selden truck isn’t back to normal even with repairs.  Please pray for someone to be able to get it in good working order.

*I (Mark) have 2 pretty active boys in my group (around 2nd graders).  Arnold is definitely more interested in visiting Mr. Arnold (who gives him cookies) in the basement, playing on steep concrete steps and doing flips on a metal handrail than doing the activities of VBS.  Please pray that I can make a connection with these 2 little ones and that I share the love of Jesus.  I don’t want to be the disciplinarian.  (Actually the elders of the church do a good job of speaking to him when he really acts up).  Please pray for some creativity in trying to hold their attention.  Yesterday they watched Rabbi Ray through the lens of my video camera.  It worked some! (Kind of like watching TV!)  Maybe I’ll put a handful of Steve’s cookies in my pockets for a little bribery today!  I told Steve that he was playing good cop/bad cop and that I got the short end of the stick on that one!  Arnold LOVES Steve!

Thank you for praying with us!


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Hello from sunny New Jersey!  I’m sitting here listening to our group singing, sharing, laughing together tonight and I am impressed with the sense of community and family that is developing.   Our kids and adults are being stretched and it is cool to see the way that God is working in each of us.  I am being stretched!  I feel safe working with young kids.  On Monday God placed Kasheem, an eighth grader wearing his hood and sunglasses in my group.  Gulp!  Totally out of my comfort zone!!  Kasheem and his cousin Rell (14 years old) are smart, soft-spoken, like to race each other in our small yard, interested in learning from our Bible School and have a special place in my heart already.  Okay, Kasheem doesn’t like the dancing, but he puts up with my corny jokes!   I am really developing a love for these kids and for the people of this congregation.  I am so much enjoying conversations with some of the men of the church.  They have blessed me in so many ways…much more than I could ever give to them. 

I am getting to know the area quite well…actually….the only way I know where to go is through Ray’s GPS!  I have found 2 Walmarts, one Walmart that doesn’t exist, 2 Home Depots, and the local Stop & Shop with many miles in between.  The major problem is making sure I don’t hit all the pedestrians that like to walk in front of my truck.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  They are much appreciated!  Okay, I have to go…many waiting to blog.  A few notes….Tammy…Ryan says good night and that he loves you.  Lee Carnahan….we need a few comments.  Everyone else gets someone commenting and the Ruhl’s are feeling left out.  May Ruhl….click on comment (it’s in blue) and say something to us!  See you all soon!

Mark Ruhl

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