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Steve Arnold-isms

This post is not written by Steve Arnold, but by the group about Steve Arnold.  He is our prime motivator … taking a few minutes each morning to get our blood pumping and the Spirit flowing!  Here are just a few things he has inspired us with:

  • If you take the letters in the word “attitude” and assign them a number (such as a=1, t=20, and so on) … they will add up to 100%!
  • You can’t spell “Jesus” without U.
  • You can’t spell “Wesleyan” without WE.
  • We’re in NewARK, the ark was in the Old Testament, so get out there and give them some Old Testament.
  • Now get out there and give ’em heaven
  • And the “Golden Plaintain” award goes to …

Mission Team … feel free to add more through the comments …

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